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Living Wills

A health care power of attorney, or living will, is a document authorizing another to act on your behalf to make medical decisions for you when you are not able. You should discuss your wishes with the agent you name to increase the likelihood that your wishes will be carried out and to provide your agent with the comfort of knowing what you desire should they be requested to act.

Our health care power of attorney activates when you are unable to make your own health care decisions. For instance, if you are unconscious following an accident, your agent could consent to the recommended medical treatment just as you could if you were conscious.

You can overrule and cancel the health care power of attorney at any time provided you are competent and capable of expressing your wishes.

Healthcare Power of Attorney /

Advanced Healthcare Directive

We combine the health care power of attorney in a document which we call a Living Will/Advanced Health Care Directive/Heath Care Power of Attorney.

We usually recommend that you provide your agent with a copy of your Living Will/Advanced Health Care Directive/Health Care Power of Attorney.

A companion document to your living will is a medical privacy waiver, more formally known as a HIPAA waiver. In this document, you name the individuals who have your permission to discuss your medical condition with your healthcare providers and receive information about your care. The HIPAA waiver does not authorize anyone to make decisions on your behalf but merely allows those named to receive medical information as to your condition.

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