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Physician Contract Reviews

Employment contracts are prepared by employers to promote their goals and protect their interests. Physicians should have a contract examined with a view to protecting their interests for both the short and long term. Physician contracts often present specific problems requiring specialized solutions. Issues not caught and addressed before employment begins can lead to difficulties which can persist long into the future, whether or not the physician remains with the employer group.

We have decades of experience with issues relevant to practicing physicians:

  • Reviewing physician contracts
  • Serving as attorney for a medical staff attending monthly board meetings
  • Serving as advisor to a medical staff bylaws committee
  • Defending physicians in court
  • Lecturing to physicians at local hospitals on the topic of physician contracts

We are in a unique position, with several immediate family members currently practicing physicians, to offer keen insight into the dynamics of the employer-physician relationship. We provide analysis and strategies to promote and protect only your interests.

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